The best Samsung Galaxy S6 deals in April 2015

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has been one of the most hyped handsets of recent years. Samsung, it seems, has realised that the public needed a phone that wasn’t just a powerhouse, or with the latests features but something which looked different and had a bit of glamour about it.

So, the S6 and S6 Edge are two handsets that represent a complete reworking of Samsung’s flagship phones. Both have removed the microSD slot and user-replaceable battery.

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These are two things that were tentpoles of previous Samsung Galaxy phones, and some people will miss them a great deal. That said Samsung has made some changes that make these things less of an issue, for one thing, the minimum capacity of the S6 is now 32GB and at the high end goes up to 128GB.

One thing is for sure though, if you want the S6 it’s going to cost you a decent amount of money, so let’s get on with getting you the best possible price.

The UK’s best Galaxy S6 deal:

This month’s best S6 deal: For now at least, the cheapest possible deal on a Samsung Galaxy S6 in the UK is on O2. You’ll need to pay £394.99 for the handset, but this does reduce your monthly costs to just £13.50. The problem with this is that you get a fairly meager 100 minutes of calls, texts are unlimited, but the data allowance is just 100mb. On a modern smartphone there’s just no way that 100mb is enough data, so bear that in mind.

  • Total cost: over 24 months £718.99
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Now let’s break down the best Samsung Galaxy S6 deals by network…

Best Galaxy S6 deals on EE

EE is the network to go to if you want high-speed 4G

Deal 1: 1000 mins, 1GB data, unlimited texts, £159.99 upfront, £31.99pm
The best deal we found on EE offers a split between up-front cost and a monthly fee. Here you’re paying £159.99 initially and then £31.99 per month. That gets you 1GB of data, 1000 minutes of calls and unlimited texts. The data is a little bit low, but we think you can get by with 1GB unless you’re a very heavy user.

  • Total cost: £927.75
  • Get this deal: direct from The Carphone Warehouse

Deal 2: Unlimited mins, 4GB data, Unlimited texts, £129.99 up front, £31.99pm
For those looking for a mountain of data, the best bet is probably for an S6 32GB at £129.99 up-front and then a monthly cost of £31.99. That gets you 4GB of data and unlimited calls and texts.

  • Total cost: £933.75
  • Get this deal: direct from The Carphone Warehouse

Deal 3: Unlimited mins, 5GB data, unlimited texts, FREE up front, £46.99pm
To get the handset with no up-front payment, you’ll need to pay £46.99 per month, which will get you unlimited calls and texts along with a generous 5GB of data. What you’ll notice from our total cost calculation below though, is that you pay a premium to spread the cost of the phone over the period of your contract. If you can afford it, deal 2 is better value and only gives a small amount less data.

  • Total cost: £1,127.76
  • Get this deal: direct from The Carphone Warehouse

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